Basic Plan

What's included
Track entire Mutual fund portfolio
Auto-track and Auto refresh feature
Browse entire mutual fund universe - Fund Explorer
Power Savings

First 2
Months Free

Premium Plan
39 /month

What's included
Everything in Basic
Unlimited Transactions
Paperless Account Opening
SIP Payeezz Mandate Approval
Research Recommended Top Funds
Smart Advisory
999 /year + 0.25%

What's included
Everything in Premium
Dedicated SEBI-registered advisor
Customized portfolio design
Smart Switch to Direct Funds
Portfolio rebalancing half-yearly
Expert recommendations on
picking funds
When does the 2-Month trial begin?
It will begin as soon as your SignUp account is created. We will notify you as and when your trial period is nearing completion.
Can I transfer the regular Mutual Funds purchased through distributors to WealthTrust?
Of course. You will be able to switch to direct Mutual Funds from your existing regular ones. To know how to switch to direct schemes, click here.
How does Smart Advisory work?
Once you pay the fixed fee of Rs.999 (Introductory price) + Taxes, we will schedule your call with our SEBI-registered advisor.

The advisor will review your portfolio based on your needs, risk profile, quality of funds and accordingly provide you with a list of actions to optimize your portfolio. Your portfolio will be reviewed periodically and you can call/chat/email your advisor anytime.
I already have a portfolio. Will I be charged the variable fee (0.25%) for it after taking advisory plan?
No, you won't be charged for your existing portfolio. Portfolio under advisory will be calculated only on those transactions that are made post your subscription.
Why do you charge a variable fee?
The variable fee is based only on your advisory portfolio. Because we recommend only direct schemes with zero commission, the variable fee helps us to keep working in our client’s best interest.

Our advisory fee plan is based on how well the client’s portfolio is doing and it is markedly different from others who charge both flat fee and receive commissions up to ~1.25% of client's portfolio value.
Can I cancel the advisory plan? Do I need to pay additional charges?
Yes you can cancel the plan. We have a no-question asked refund policy in place for the customers who would like to cancel in first 30 days. We will not deduct any amount whatsoever.

If you cancel after 30 days, then we will refund the fee on pro-rata basis for the remaining.
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