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Should i redeem from Franklin India ultra short term bond fund super institutional direct growth plan ? My investment is 7.5 Lalhs in this fund, it has an exposure of 3.55% in Vodafone-Idea papers. 1. How much % drop or NAV dip can be expected (if paper defaults)? 2. I come under 5-10L income tax slab bracket (no tax is deducting currently), if redeem how to calculate the tax ? 3. Is it advisable to stay put because AMC having good financial background, soon it will recover ? From some reading i got to know Nav may dip 0.35 to 0.4, where almost 60% of my returns will be lost. Its better to take some decision instead of panic, we can't stop what is coming, the company is having 100L Cr debt overall, if defaults banking sector is the most affected... Please help me on this, all your suggestions will help me in making a decision #jb_sir #invest_smart #oro_advisory #evry1 Please comment your views on my query Read More...

Franklin is a good AMC, its debt funds are doing well because of their ability to invest in and manage risky papers. Vodafone is a good company though indebted but it's not alone. There are many leading companies under huge debts but that doesn't mean they will default or miss their due payments. Hence, have faith in your investments and AMCs. Don't pay much attention to such news and rumors. If you leave this fund/AMC and shift to some other, then what's the guarantee that some other issue just like Vodafone would not surface and make the new fund not susceptible and vulnerable to default risk. It can happen again in future also. Will you look for other fund again? Hence, don't worry much and trust the people to whom you've hired for your investment. They are expert and competent people managing your investment. Read More...
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