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*#Must Read Mutual Fund Investor#* "Shree Krishna Said" *#JOY AND SORROWS are Part Of Life #* It Means If Happiness Will Come Then Sadness Will also Come and intelligent People Maintain a *#Balance#* in it. So *#Shree Krishna#* Said To Maintain A Balance In life and those who maintain balance will surely live a good life because *#NOTHING IS PERMANENT IN THIS WORLD#* SAME WAY When You Are Investing In *#Mutual Fund#* Always Invest In *#BALANCED FUND#* Because Its a mixture of Equity And Debt and is less risky then Large-Cap Mid-Cap Small-Cap Balanced Mutual Fund is best for all kind of investor. Market will Run like Bulls or Bears but Balanced Mutual Fund Investor Will live in peace. *# I am happy to say that I have always said my client to invest in Balanced Mutual Fund and today when market is at Bears there portfolio is not down as compared with other Equity Mutual Fund Investor#* Please Rebalance Your Portfolio and always Invest In Balanced Mutual Fund. stay blessed Read More...

we have to buy this at muhurat trading session only.or we can buy it later? Read More...
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