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Knowledge Byte :- You Guys Must Have heard about Current Account Deficit (CAD) But how many of you actually know what does it mean. Current Account Deficit: The current account deficit is a measurement of a country’s trade where the value of the goods and services it imports exceeds the value of the goods and services it exports.  Trade shortfall puts pressure on the current account deficit (CAD), a key vulnerability for the economy. India's exports rose by 14.32 per cent to USD 25.77 billion in July, while imports during the month were valued at USD 43.79 billion.  With rising oil prices, depreciating rupee and outflow of portfolio investments, there are concerns that CAD might rise in the current fiscal. #knowledgeenhancement #Economy #CAD #Keeplearning #Growalong Read More...

I thought CAD only meant Computer Aided Design ;) So if imports are increased/exports reduced, we will have better economy and lesser deficit(CAD)...if we invest more in Indian companies (Equity/Stocks/equity MF) may manufacture more goods so they may export more and we might not import more...if not we will keep on importing as Indian companies aren't able to meet the demands. So keep pumping the Indian economy till we become the most coveted "developed" nation. We had been listening India as developing nation since decades..atleast in this century, if not later India will see it as a developed nation...as now slowly retail conservative investors are coming out of traditional investments such as gold to FD to debt to equity investment. More entrepreneurs, more businesses and thus more jobs and more productivity and economy boosting will make India a developed nation. I don't see any other way to become a developed nation than to invest in equity and be part of growth. Read More...
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