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STP-SWP Disclaimer
How is the STP order processed?
WealthTrust has introduced Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) for the convenience of its end users. The order is processed in a different way from our end. Your order is not actually registered with RTA as an STP order but rather executed as periodic switch orders. This gives an end-user the convenience of not putting multiple switch orders.
How is the SWP order processed?
Just as how we described the process of an STP order, your SWP order is processed periodically as a Redeem order. Your order, although not registered as SWP with the RTA, shall be executed on the same day as you would have expected had the order been executed by RTA.
Under which circumstance will WealthTrust be unable to execute my STP order?
Your fund house may cancel the Switch functionality to-and-from the scheme you picked in STP order. Under such unforeseeable circumstances, WealthTrust will not be able to execute your STP order. Relax. You will be communicated as and when we experience any difficulties. We have got you covered. : )
Why are STP/SWP orders processed differently?
WealthTrust strives to provide a seamless experience to our esteemed users across all transaction types. We faced difficulties in receiving proper confirmation of the STP/SWP executed orders from the 3rd party service providers. Consequently, we decided to pursue this get-around until we remove all kinks.
What benefits do I get?
Our investors get the flexibility to pick any date he/she is comfortable with for processing the STP/SWP orders. You also have the flexibility to put in the orders with as low as three (3) instalments.
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