Save tax @ Zero commission ELSS and earn higher return

Do you feel taxes are eating into your wallet and taking all your hard-earned money?? Did it ever occur to you that you can do something about it?? Do you think the conventional methods of tax saving like insurance or PPF are not the answer to all these and there should be other ways to save tax and earn handsome return with minimum lock-in period?? If yes, then ELSS is the answer to all these and WealthTrust is the way.

Oh Wait!!! What’s wrong with PPF?? And Insurance?? Its my father’s lifeline to save tax!!

Gone are those days when the only option available was to wait for 10-15 years for insurance policy to get matured and earn poor return out of it. Now you can save tax and earn handsome return with only 3 years’ lock-in period with ELSS (equity linked tax saving schemes) investment. Its better than PPF schemes as well. The average CAGR of last 10 years for ELSS was 17%, where that for PPF was mere 8.2%. For example, If you have invested Rs 2 lakh in PPF and ELSS at the same time 15 years back, The PPF would have been, Rs 6.52 lakh at the end of 2014. Whereas the ELSS would have been Rs 21 lakhs.


Ok.. I get it!! But you cannot possibly deny that ULIP is the best kind of policy possible.. right? It gives insurance, Save tax and also gives high return..

No it doesn’t!! it “claims” to give high return but always fails to do so. Actually what happens with ULIP funds is they first take a huge amount of commission and other charges from the total money you invested. During the first year, these charges are as high as 40 to 70 per cent. If the customer cannot continue with a policy for any reason, then his real expenses are far higher. On paper they claim that you can get high returns like mutual funds do. And like some obedient, ever optimistic citizens, we believe them, failing to read *T&C part. It’s better to invest in ELSS mutual funds where you can actually get high return.

Statistics of ELSS investment for last few years:

Ok I give up!! Now please enlighten me what is WealthTrust?? And why should I download yet another Save tax app or whatever??

First, it’s not just a financial planner!! What it does is, it tracks all your and your family’s mutual fund investments in one app. You can actually check all your past investments and recent mutual fund trends by signing up with your mail id. WealthTrust also lets you buy Mutual fund and do SIP investment from its platform commission free!!

Why would I do that? I have a great relationship with my broker.. and he does all my investments commission free too..Huh!!

I am sure you two have a great relationship, but the “great relationship” comes at a price. The scenario is, there are two kind of ELSS funds i.e. regular plan and direct plan. The brokers invest in regular funds and earn 1.5 – 2% commission. Which amounts to about 6% in 3 years. You can actually save that amount by investing in direct mutual fund plan yourself.


This way you can earn Rs. 7000 more in 3 years’ time. So, if you invest today in regular plans then all the time it stays locked in, you will earn about 7000 less than what you could have earned, through direct plans. Don’t do that mistake again!! WealthTrust app also lets you switch your old mutual fund accounts to direct plan and open the new accounts in same scheme as well. That’s how you earn up to 6% extra in 3 years.

Save Tax with WealthTrust. Download ‘Best tax saver app‘ now.

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10 Comments on “Save tax @ Zero commission ELSS and earn higher return”

  1. How do I switch from my elss fund regular plan to direct plan? & Is that possible also in locking period to do so…

  2. Hi Wealthtrust team

    I am started my SIP one month back but i want to shift to direct plan. How can i do so and what will be the charges I have to bear

    1. Hi Sanjeeb,

      You need to stop your old SIP from where you started it. After Stopping the SIP you can switch to direct plan on our app. Please note we do not charge anything for switching to direct plan on our app. Feel free to whats app us on +91 98790 02229 in case of any further feedback or queries. Assuring you of 5* services.

      Team WealthTrust

  3. How could I invest in mutual fund dirct plan,& what is procedure to switch my old investment & how to sold directly in the market that gives me my money back when i needed.

    1. Hi Sachin,

      You can invest in direct plan on our app as we promote only direct mutual funds.
      The process to switch from direct plan to regular plan is written in this blog:
      You can also sell the funds purchased/switched on our app, on our app itself.

      Hope this helps, If you have any further queries feel free to write us on or WhatsApp us on +91 98790 02229.

      Team WealthTrust

  4. Hi,
    I want to invest in tax saving mutual funds. Can you pls suggest me Direct ELSS plan which i can consider for moderate risk & higher gain (than traditional FD’s)?
    How can i proceed further to do so?

    1. Hi Yogesh,

      You can download our app and create investment account to invest in funds. You may check ‘Tax Saving’ funds under ‘Top Funds’ section in the app and select any fund from the 3 mentioned funds, all will give you higher gains than FD.

      Team WealthTrust

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