Earn 2x (8%*)Returns with ‘Power Savings’ without Risking It All!

Power Savings: Invest in money manger funds directly and get as much as 8%* returns.

Trusted by more than 10,000 investors with assets worth over ₹120 crores, WealthTrust is a complete wealth management app that helps individuals make smart investment choices.

With plenty of growth in the past few months, we have decided to solve one more problem that investors have been facing since quite a while now — get more returns on risk free investments. To help users earn better returns without taking risks, we have come up with a few feature that can potentially change the investment game in the country. Named ‘Power Savings’, this feature can help users earn a good 8%* return on idle money.

Traditionally, the approach has been to invest idle money in Fixed Deposits. This is considered one of the safest and risk-free options to earn stable returns over time. But this is a process that makes you go through a lot of trouble, with issues like having a lock-in period, minimum investment, paper work, and above all — no instant withdrawal of all the money at the time you need.

Also, the savings bank account where your money lies idle, uses money market securities to generate approx. 8% returns. But as an end user you get mere 4% returns on your money in savings bank account.

Enter Power Savings.


The new Power Savings feature in the WealthTrust App solves this problem by eliminating all the hassles involved in a traditional fixed deposit investment, thus enabling a better return on investment. This feature helps the investor by investing their money directly in the Money Manager Fund Houses, which eliminates the need of a bank the middle thereby enabling the investor to get the complete 8%* interest. There is no commission involved in this service, which provides the user with a higher Return on Investment.

This new feature also enables you to redeem your parked money to your bank account at a lightning speed pace. The entire process takes all of 40 seconds and is available 24 x 7. This makes our company the first to implement such a feature in India.

Safe Investment

Power Savings is for:

  • People who always have idle money in their bank accounts.
  • People who are looking for good returns on a low investment plan.
  • People who can invest a minimum of Rs.1000 and beyond.

All in all, Power Savings is for everyone.

Here is why Power Savings a better option than a fixed deposit or savings account?

Power savings


Keeping in synchronization with other features of the WealthTrust App, this feature too, is paperless. It is as secure as having your money deposited in a traditional bank account, and it comes with no Lock In period. The app helps with one click parking and redemption of your money, which is the simplest way to do so.

This new feature is powered by DSP BlackRock Money Manager Fund – Direct Plan, where all your idle money would be invested in a direct plan. With a direct mutual fund plan, you earn approximately 0.75% more than other similar apps with similar functionalities, since there is zero commission involved in the process.

How Bank Works

Bank work

How Power Savings Work

Power Savings work

Until today, such types of investments have been available only for wealthy individuals, banks and other organisations. It was never available for the common citizens of India, which made investment through agents the only option. This has been troublesome. With the new Power Savings feature, we would eliminate the need of middlemen, and hence empower you to earn what you deserve with lightning fast redemption functionality.

What are you waiting for? Download the WealthTrust App today and start making smart investment choices!

The WealthTrust Mutual Fund App is available to download for free on the Google Play Store.

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