Manage and Track your complete Mutual Fund Portfolio on WealthTrust app

Track & Manage your portfolio with WealthTrust Mutual fund tracker app.

Every single person who has been an investor in the mutual fund schemes have come across the word portfolio management and searched how to manage it seamlessly. We bet that you probably spent some precious minutes pondering over the terminology. You might have Googled the term and probably came up with half answers.

Worry not, we’ve got this covered.

WealthTrust – Mutual fund tracker app uses OCR technology to help investors upload their mutual fund statements and manage and track their portfolio on a single app. It is a one stop app to start investing, tracking & managing your complete portfolio. Read more to understand about Mutual Fund Tracker and how you can do it through WealthTrust.

What is Mutual Fund Tracker?

Mutual Fund Tracker is a tailor made professional service offered to cater the investments objective of different investor classes. In simple words, portfolio tracking helps management of your investments to create wealth.

WealthTrust is a trust worthy app that helps you invest in mutual fund schemes and also it is a one stop platform for mutual funds tracking in real time.

WealthTrust provides detailed information on the performance of various schemes including latest NAVs, Return on Investment and also suggests top funds to invest in.

With WealthTrust, you can switch to direct mutual fund plan, start fresh investments, keep track of all your investment and get a consolidated view of your investments with the WealthTrust App.

Importance of Mutual Fund Tracker.

Mutual fund tracking is one of the most crucial aspects of investment in mutual funds. With WealthTrust, keep proper track of your investment in a paperless manner.

Other benefits of Mutual Fund Tracker are:

Portfolio tracking: Be in command of your portfolio and track it anytime, anywhere. It helps you make right decisions at right time.

Convenience: No administrative hassles of your investments, by providing especially relevant data like Overall Investment till date, Updated NAV, Balance Trend, Individual Scheme Summary, etc

Paperless: It gives a huge relief from maintaining the ever cumbersome process of paper based portfolio management.

Enter WealthTrust Mutual fund Tracker app

How does WealthTrust help solve this problem? Well, WealthTrust released OCR technology based upload portfolio feature to helps you track your mutual fund portfolio. The WealthTrust App aims to solve the cumbersome problem of managing different portfolios into one simple app, with its Mutual Fund Tracker feature. With this, WealthTrust takes the next big step in the mutual fund investment market.

With the WealthTrust App, Portfolio Tracking becomes extremely simple and easy. There are two ways an investor can bring his entire portfolio to single platform. They are:

  1. Add Existing Portfolio
  2. Upload Portfolio

Add Existing Portfolio :

This is one of the two methods to an efficient portfolio management. In this method, you manually add all your existing investments.

How to add your existing portfolio:

  1. Go to Dashboard
  2. Click on the ‘+’ Button
  3. Select Add Existing Portfolio Option
Add existing portfolio
App Screen


Now, the Add Portfolio screen would pop up. This is the part where an investor would be able to select the type of investments. Investment can be made in 2 ways: One-Time or SIP (Systematic Investment plan). Next, the investor has to share details, like entering scheme name, investment amount and date of investment. Other details like Units and NAV will be fetched automatically, provided the investment date is after the commencement of 2013.

Add portfolio in WealthTrust
App Screen

The next way, is uploading your portfolios.

Upload Portfolio :

This is how you upload your portfolio, in the simplest of ways.

  1. Go to Dashboard
  2. Click on the ‘+’ Button
  3. Select Upload Portfolio
  4. Enter your AMC’s registered Email ID
  5. Click on Submit

The best part about this step is that it is completely automated, i.e the investor does not have to enter all the details manually.

Upload Portfolio WealthTrust

Upload Portfolio

Other way to upload your portfolio is:

  • Select the ‘+’ button on the Dashboard and choose Upload Portfolio option.
  • Enter your AMC registered email ID and click SUBMIT.
  • User will receive the mutual fund statement from CAMS. Forwarded it to the WealthTrust team immediately.
  • Voila! Your portfolio will be automatically updated on the app in next 24 hrs.

And you have uploaded your portfolio! Even investors with no technical experience can manage their portfolios with ease, with WealthTrust!

Benefits of using Mutual Fund Tracker App:

  1. The Portfolio tracking feature on the WealthTrust app provides a consolidated view of all the portfolios of an investor.
  2. On the go tracking – the app provides a way to track and manage your portfolios any time, any place!
  3. The app provides the opportunity to invest in 26 AMCs, apart from tracking your portfolios.

What are you waiting for? Download our Mutual fund portfolio management app today, and start managing your portfolios and make bigger returns on investments!

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I am using your website and app for quite sometime and I am really impressed. I want to start investing with you, My query is regarding safety of my investment. If, god forbid, your company fails or your employees indulge in mal practices, whether my investment will be safe.

    Another small question is regarding the CAS, which I am receiving in my email (Which you use for updating my portfolio in your website). It is password protected and I am unable to open it. Can you share the password with me, so that I can use it for other apps/ website.

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