Manage complete family account with WealthTrust

Manage complete family account on WealthTrust app with ease.


What is it that means the most to us?? Whose endless burden and tantrums we accept with welcoming heart?? It’s our family and the people we care for. Indian society is collectivist and a culture of interdependence within the family can be observed everywhere. Major decisions like financials and investments is taken care by only one person for all the family members. In today’s new generation of family hierarchy too, this collaborative culture is prevalent.

Investment is a easy business at start but may get on your nerves as you grow as an investor. Not because investing gets tough but because tracking them is a strenuous task. And in Indian families the task can be very cumbersome. In this case having a family account to track and invest in Mutual Funds will let the investors breathe a sigh of relief.

How WealthTrust can help you?

WealthTrust is a unique app which answers all these concerns. With WealthTrust’s manage complete family account feature, investors can track and invest in mutual funds for their family members as well. For an example, your father is not well versed with latest gadgets and digital platforms but he wants to track his investments and invest in new funds. Going to the local distributor is an option that you have but not the one you want to avail because of his commissions.

WealthTrust makes it easy for you. All you need to do is sign up with your own email id and then you can start adding your family members by providing their valid e-mail id. Registered family members can also be added by providing login credentials in the login option. You can also earn 1.5% extra annually by switching your mutual fund investments from regular plan to direct mutual fund plan. So now Invest together grow together.


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